Face-to-Face Requirement for Evaluation & Management (E&M) Services

Face-to-Face Requirement for Evaluation & Management (E&M) Services

by abilling, May 10, 2013

WPS Medicare recently (end of March) released the below information through their WPS Medicare ENEWS.  We would like to bring this to your attention for review. Although this was submitted by WPS Medicare, the face-to-face requirement for E&M Services applies to all Medicare Carriers and is not specific to WPS.

“….A face-to-face encounter with the patient must occur and be documented in the medical record in order to bill an E/M service. Upon medical review, Medicare will reduce or deny these services if there is no documentation for a face-to-face service.

We recommend physician/provider practices perform periodic self audits to ascertain if any problem areas exist which may warrant further education or corrective actions. For more guidance on proper billing and documentation of E/M services, visit our Evaluation and Management web page at http://www.wpsmedicare.com/j5macpartb/resources/provider_types/evalandmngmnt.shtml



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