Our Staff

Philip Blann
Philip Blann President/Founder
Phil has been actively billing anesthesia and pain management services for 30+ years. He formed Anesthesia Billing, Inc. in 1990, in response to many requests from anesthesia providers in Kansas and Nebraska.


Thad Willis
Thad Willis Sales and Client Services
Thad joined Anesthesia Billing, Inc. in 2004. He has a talent for taking care of our cleints.


Stephanie Kurtz
Stephanie Kurtz Compliance & Client Support
Coming to us from Cox Health system, Stephanie has extensive knowledge in contracting and third party negotiations.


Sheila Burns
Sheila Burns Credentialing/Enrollment Specialist
Working for our clients interest, Sheila works to enroll providers into the various third party plans as well as keep them current.


Whether your group is small or large, our company can help manage your cash flow by keeping your billing current and up to date with all the latest compliance regulations.

Our staff includes AAPC certified coders that work within the HIPAA compliance regulations. Our customer service and patient account representatives have expertise in reviewing claims, denials, charge capture and more. Everyone involved in the process has solid foundation of knowledge in medical coding regulations including compliance and reimbursement.

Most important, the management and staff of Anesthesia Billing know that the key to their success is to assure that your medical billing is handled professionally and systematically to generate a smooth flow of income.