Frequently Asked Questions

You will notice missing from Anesthesia Billing, Inc. is the candid sales pitch. We feel every practice setting is different and requires personal considerations. We take great pride and a sense of “ownership” with every client. With Anesthesia Billing, Inc. as a professional partner, we can provide your client with the accounts receivable management expertise they desire.
Anesthesia Billing, Inc. was formed in the later part of 1990. We opened our doors on January 1, 1991. This venture is an accumulation of years of experience in the field of anesthesia and pain management billing. Our purpose is to provide quality and effective billing alternatives at an affordable and fair price, for health care professionals who specialize in anesthesia and pain management.
We pride ourselves on our ability and dedication to stay abreast of the current changes and future needs of our clients. Being an exclusive service company for the anesthesia professional, we do not need to divide our time learning all that is necessary for each specialty. This edge over our competitors gives us the opportunity to work harder, with a 100% focus, on collecting your accounts receivable.
Our efforts have rewarded us with growth from a local firm to one operating effectively in multiple states including Arkansas, California, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, Oklahoma, New York, Texas, and Virginia.
The basic services we provide are not unlike any billing service. We will calculate the charges for the professional services provided, properly prepare the Standard Health Insurance Claim Form (HCFA 1500), file the HCFA 1500 claim form with the proper third party payer (electronically where available), account for all payments, crediting the proper account, and provide detailed, simple-to-read and simple-to-understand monthly reports. However, several differences need to be itemized. These are, but are not limited to, the following:

– It is important that monies received for services are always placed in our clients’ bank account. Clients can choose from establishing a local account with check writing privileges, wire transferring from a local account here to the client’s main business account, or even using a “lock box” at any participating FDIC facility.

– Our competitive fee for billing is based on payments posted. We can estimate what you fee would be after we know more about your practice.

– We would not charge for postage or statements.

– We provide nationwide toll-free telephone communication services. Having a local telephone number forwarded to our office is an option some of our clients consider.

– Our clients retain control of all accounts. Should special handling be desired, simply let our staff know.

– Billing for the practice is tailored to the individual preferences of the client, allowing them to choose the number of statements their patients will receive and when they will receive them.Clients decide how long to work with patients on payment of their amount owed.

Several important advantages of our services are actually everyday extras our staff performs. A partial list begins with our detailed reports reflecting production, payments, adjustments, and more. These reports are further broken down by month and year, by insurance classification, and by performer of care. These reports allow quick access to data and provide quick answers to how production and income are being impacted.

Second, the sophistication of our computer system gives our staff the fingertip knowledge needed to follow up with third party payers and patients, always with the purpose of asking for payment. Our efforts to collect from insurance companies give patients the feeling we are working directly for them, thus strengthening the provider/patient relationship. This effort has proven effective with an overall 97% net collection ratio.

Finally, it is standard practice for us to challenge all usual and prevailing or reasonable and customary denials, thus ensuring all collectible dollars are sought. We audit contractual payments to ensure compliance and we challenge those we discover to be incorrect, including appeals, when necessary and justifiable.

Should requirements call for more than a billing service, we can provide that as well. Our capabilities range from serving as a billing agent to a complete turnkey operation with our employees handling complete business functions, including payroll, general ledger, and accounts payable, and supporting a remote office near the practice. These options should further address the “marriage” between us and our clients, and further illustrate our dedication to become an extension of our clients’ professional practice.